The interior experience will connect with the unlimited dimensions within the multiverse in which we co-exist, since the centrepiece, ´a Holon´ of the Temple and universe, will function as an altar. As the most important asset of the Temple, the altar went through multiple options from vertical structures, fragmented versions to a replica of the temple representing the inclusion of the"universe in universe". In all options though, the altar provides a place to come together, grief, meditate, write and place objects and memories of loved ones. Together with the oculus above, it creates a tension effect where the entering light will be turned into the union between the earth, sky, and the universe, revisiting the connection we all have to a metaphysic state of mind and spirit.


Steps around the altar continuously become seats and act as an encapsulating structure that will protect the temple from its immediate surroundings. The structure itself will allow time to flow at each person's own vital pace of thought in communication with themselves and their loved ones in the spaces of the niches and alcoves. Within these special moments, the double skin opens up to create spaces to stand or sit for individuals or small groups to come together.


The 8 entrances of the Holon Temple, correspond exactly with the 4 main cardinal directions (N, E, S and W) and its secondary ones (NE, SE, SW and NW). The entrances also coincide  with special astronomical events occuring during  BM 2020.

level 9ft


Our Altar consists of a series of scale models of the main Temple, representing the multiverse through the repetition of a set of Holon´s. As a model the altar helps the volunteers to understand how to build the project.

level 40ft


Holon provides 8 niches where individuals or small groups can have an intimate space to gather, reflect or pray; a place for Burners to find a home for their griefs and joys and practice their beliefs.

level 13ft


The Temple will be lit in the 35th ring at the top, this will create a tension effect where the light will be turning into the union between the earth, sky, and the universe.

level 52ft





This Altar option represents the fragmentation of the universe as a whole, whereas close to a black hole spacetimes deforms into an infinity of paralel universes. 


 The multiverse is represented in this concept through repetition of the same figure over and over again. This is a never ending game accentuating the infinity of the multiverse.   


We also analyzed the possibility of creating a textile  Altar, hanging from the top of the compression ring to the bottom of the Temple as a translucent structure made of cotton.


The Temple will be lit from the inside as the light will emanate through the porous skin of the structure, making the entire building visible from afar at night. It is our intention to make all lightning fixtures be LED-based to minimize power generation and heavy installations.


The interior of the main area inside the Temple will be lit from two main points, inside the Altar and at the top in the oculus. The light projected from the Altar to the oculus, emphasizes the union between the earth and the universe, as the meaning of multiverse gets clearer. The Altar will light up the inner sacred space of Holon, while the Temple itself will light up Black Rock city. Multiple parallel universes coexist in one single event, Black Rock City at night.   

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