We believe in the community that surrounds us, we believe in the power of people to build something out of nothing. For us it is essential that everyone that wants to collaborate with us feels welcome to join! We seek to touch the souls of the people in Black Rock City, to surprise and fulfill with beauty, space and light in a communal experience of Earth, sky and the universe. Holon.

Fernando Romero


As an international architect who is constantly looking to inspire, innovate and create a positive impact on people’s lives. His previous experiences in Burning Man led him to co-found the Planet Collective and design this special gift for the Burning Man community. Inspired by the idea of creating a sacred place for the community to gather, grief, rejoice and practice their beliefs, the Temple arises from simplexity merging with the geometrical setup of Black Rock City.

John Spetrino

As engineering director of the creative design-build firm FKB, John has always sought out projects that impact, inspire and creatively tell meaningful stories. FKB projects focus on experiential marketing, artistic installations and architectural design. He has been part of the Burning Man community since 2006 and has been involved in event production, large-scale art, mutant vehicles, theme camps and community services.

James Barlow

James is originally from England, and brings a breadth of experience across numerous industrial sectors in the US and abroad. James has been working together in FKB with John Spetrino since 2015 and he has been an active member of the Burning Man community since 2013. He supported decom events and as a community leader, he has been setting up and running theme camps, building and installing art and running aspects of production at PEX Summerfest. His experience in Burning Man led him to join Planet Collective.

Jason Sidelko

With over 10-year experience as a complex geometry consultant, Jason's work is always centralized on understanding how different pieces go together in order to bring to reality complex shapes. After his experiences in Burning Man 2019, Jason was deeply moved by the aura of Black Rock City and realized that the best way for him to contribute to the community was to use his deep knowledge in the construction of a future temple.

Gerardo Broissin    

Gerardo is an architect with years of experience in the field. He is always looking for new ways to adapt architecture to new lifestyle. His interest in creating a communal space for the Burning Man community led him to join Planet Collective, his role is in optimizing the structural studies to insure the constructability of Holon temple within the limit of 16 days. 

Juan Carlos Quintero

Creative Director, focused on branding and architectural consultancy, Juan Carlos is constantly looking for the perfect creation, in his own words, this is “the one that works the best while makes our life easier and, especially, let us experience unique sensations”. Inspired by his experiences in Burning Man, Juan Carlos joined the Planet Collective with the goal of making Holon Temple “the perfect creation”.    

Emma Schwartz

As a philanthropist persuing social integrity, Emma founded the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation, providing health education, health care and research affecting the primarily Hispanic border population. With this background Emma has years of experience in the field of non-profit organizations in the US and Mexico. She is an innovative spirit, always keeping in mind people and technology, balancing this multidisciplinary collective.

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