Holon’s structure is optimized to be pre-built in elements and to be assembled afterwards in 16 days on playa. The Temple is segmented in 3 structural ring or layers consisting of layered vertical trusses and horizontally oriented rings. Each one of these structural rings brings stability to the elements of the lower structure and are being set into place by scissor lifts to ease the assembly process. The upper ring is separately pre-constructed and being placed on top of the whole structure with a crane. Ultimately all different segments of the Temple are working together as one single structure.


To check the probability of the structural assembly process, we have constructed this 1:2 scale model (16ft heigh). The pieces were pre-built in 1 day and assembled in 3 hours, following the proposed structural setup for the Temple.

The materials we´ll be using are 4x4 (3-1/2" × 3-1/2") SPF wood elements. These could be conventional 2x3 (1-1/2" × 2-1/2") posts or sistered 1x3 (3/4" × 2-1/2") dimensional lumber that will be labeled and have universal ´Z-MAX 18-Gauge Galvanized Hurricane Ties´ and ´TP 3-1/8 in. x 7 in. 20-Gauge Galvanized Tie Plates´ to be easily assembled, natural lumber, ground anchors, nails, screws, as well as steel brace components. Our aim is to use recycled wood to reduce the environmental impact.


The majority of our fabrication and initial construction will take place at FKB in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are also reviewing potential staging in Reno, Nevada. This pre-building and staging will save us about 8% in material and 30% in construction and assembly time. 

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